SAO Utils VR patch and tutorial (for Beta 1 Update 1)

We have introduced how we can use Vireio Perception to make SAO Utils work with your VR device in article How To – Get SAO Utils to work with your VR device. However, we found that the experience is upset recently, so we decide to develop VR mode for SAO Utils natively and improve the operating experience in stereo mode.

In this page, we will provide you a VR patch and some instructions, for Beta 1 Update 1 (32/64 bit) ONLY. We will integrate the stereo functions in the future release.

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1. Download and install SAO Utils

Get SAO Utils Beta 1 Update 1, unzip it to somewhere and install the plug-ins in your favor such as [ Web Browser Engine ].

2. Install VR patch for SAO Utils

Decompress all the files in the zip to the root folder of SAO Utils, that’s all.

3. Enable VR mode in SAO Utils

You can find the stereo options in the “Preference-Graphic Settings” panel, SAO Utils supports two types of stereo modes currently:

  • Side by Side: Suitable for VR devices, optional cropped/squeezed/black bar modes.
  • Anaglyph: For anaglyph glasses, supports red and cyan filter only.

Different modes are shown in the images above, it’s also possible to adjust the “Zero Parallax” and “Eye Separation” for your comfort.
* You must enable the “Compatible” display mode for the best VR experience.

4. Using SAO Utils in VR Boxes

To taste the new VR feature, what we need are just a (DIY) VR box, a smart phone, Trinus VR app and SAO Utils.

4.1 Smart Phone: Install Trinus VR

  1. Find and install the Trinus VR Full or Lite version on your smart phone.
  2. Make sure both your phone and PC are in the same network (WiFi / USB Tethering).
  3. Launch the Trinus VR app.

4.2 PC: Install Trinus VR Server

Note that the Trinus VR is not the only choice, you can also find other software that could transfer the screen to your mobile device.

  1. Download the PC SERVER on Trinus VR official web site.
  2. Make sure both your phone and PC are in the same network (Again).
  3. Launch Trinus VR Server, then click △ icon to start a connection with your phone.

4.3 Trinus VR Settings

The Trinus VR has varieties of options, you can find them by clicking the setting icon at the top right corner (PC) or moving your head to aim at the setting icon (Phone). Most of the options require a disconnection before you can change them, and we strongly recommend you to switch to ‘Advanced Mode’ for a more intuitive setting.

Here’s my settings:

    PC Settings

  • [Main] Head Mount Model: Freefly_4.7′
  • [Main] Image Size: Ultra
  • [Main] Image Quality: check Auto Adjust
  • [Main] Capture Mode: Fast
  • [Main] Sensor Output: No Sensor
  • [Video] Fake3D: Disabled
  • [Video] Centred: checked
    Phone Settings

  • Lens Correction): Off (for some lens)

4.4 Put you phone into the VR headset

OK, we’re almost there. Just align the black line on the screen and place it into your VR headset, wearing it on, calling out the SAO Utils launcher and shout: Link Start!!

4. Using SAO Utils in VR Devices

Actually I don’t have any standalone VR headsets (Ocular Rift, HTC Vive, etc.), so I can’t test the compatibility with them.
If you have one and be willing to share your ideas or advices, please leave us a comment.

    • Deathtendo
    • 10/05. 2018 4:28pm

    Can you please make an Bios with sao utils, pleeeeease?

      • skheren
      • 11/17. 2018 10:26pm

      If you are referring to the bottom of the system, then the development will be very difficult and practical.

    • 曉緋
    • 08/22. 2018 5:01pm


    • Asuna
    • 03/11. 2018 8:27pm


    • 風見優花
    • 10/24. 2017 2:29pm


      • 風見優花
      • 10/24. 2017 2:39pm

      額…….是我自己太笨沒看懂說明搞錯了,弄好了= =

    • 看清楚版本

    • 寒星
    • 08/04. 2017 12:16pm


    • FAFA
    • 06/02. 2017 11:24pm

    HTC VIVE設備不會使用SAO的效果,只有VIVE桌面選擇電腦桌面畫面這樣完全沒什么效果,屏幕面前就是左右圖像跟電腦有何不一樣啊。有沒詳細教程針對VIVE設備。或者做一樣VR的應用更方便一點

  1. 為什么我連接后沒有影像?

  2. 不不,不是說這個問題,而是目前的SAO Utils是沒法在vive或者oculus這樣的VR設備上直接用的,因為它們有自己的操作界面,而windows桌面只能作為影院模式調出來,所以我在vive的操作界面里是沒法喚出sao的菜單的(問題就在于絕大多數時候用戶都在這個界面里操作)。我的意思是SAOUtils要真正意義上的「在VR設備中使用」,還是得像virtual desktop這樣的應用一樣,做成獨立的vr程序才行,這樣我不必再特意點開影院模式也能直接通過SAOutils開瀏覽器啊文件夾啊之類,而且這個意義遠大于桌面應用版,也完爆virtual desk這樣的應用幾條街了,只是現在看來它們都要專用的開發者工具_(:3

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